SBManager™ Use Case - Integrated Hardware Solution

Company X is an AI software solutions company that sells to commercial and public sector customers. Company X’s problem was in the public sector space where getting appropriate hardware acquired, configured, and their software installed could take months. Government acquisition requirements and budgets were time intensive and difficult to manage, often spanning across multiple different contracts. Configuration of the hardware and confirming software specifications was challenging. All of this combined with a Government push to do more in the cloud and purchase less hardware—basically move from capitol to operational expenses.

Why not provide a hardware or appliance solution to support the Governments desire by leasing your own hardware solution? Investing in and supporting a hardware component would increase costs in overhead, inventory, shipping, and capitol. The hardware would need to be ATO’d and may not pass many federal requirements without a large investment. AWS has the perfect hardware as a service option – the AWS Snow family of devices with the Snowball Edge having 52 cores, 208 GB of RAM, 80 TB of storage and an optional GPU. The entire product is ruggedized and encrypted but most importantly currently being used in the public sector space (ATO’d at TS level). There was an issue though, out of the box it was still going to require a lot of configuration and integration to enable Company X’s software to work.

SBManager™ has the solution. Its open architecture management framework simplified application integration and features like Clone or Copy Snow device simplified integration allow Company X to utilize the Snow device platform easily as a total edge computing solution. We automated complete installation / configuration of the Snow device(s) and initiated installation scripts of the Company X software. Basically, the customer just waits till the system says your application is ready. We even provided support for a software update strategy. SBManager’s™ microservices were available as an API for integration with Company X’s software application. With SBManager™, Company X now has a customized solution that creates a standardized platform that could be implemented in days not months using AWS’s standard Snow family of devices product offerings enhanced by SBManager™.