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SBManager at a Glance: Enterprise Device & Data Management

SBManager is a user-friendly setup, configuration, data migration, and orchestration management interface designed to operate with the AWS Snowball suite of devices.

QES’s SBManager software provides an enterprise grade graphical user interface for AWS Snowball Edge. This GUI enhances a user experience with startup and complete management control, expanding adaptability and automation at the edge. Manage your Snowball devices individually or in bulk with single click commands. SBManager can work disconnected from the internet and if you can ping a Snowball you can remote manage that Snowball device. 


SBManager Features:

SBManager comes packed with many features to get you up and running right out of the box; including simple ease of deployment, “download and go” you will up and running in minutes. SBManager provides a streamlined interface for you to manage your AWS Snowball devices.

Deployed, SBManager makes it easy for non-IT professionals to access and operate a Snowball in the office or in the field. Built as an open architecture management framework, the container-based structure and mesh networking power with the multi-module capabilities. This orchestration brings scale, flexibility, and speed. It includes module rapid synchronization paired with AWS native Data Center technology plus clustering capabilities for multiple modules creating greater computing needs on the fly at the edge. SB Manager is the first step toward creating a highly mobile cloud computing platform usable by all user types. 

Snowball compute optimized devices with SBManager enables the deployment of advanced mobile compute capabilities; an example is field deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning and automation applications that do not rely on any internet connection.