SBManager™ Use Case - Data Migration & Device Management

Massive data volume generation is constrained by local IT resources and network bandwidth transmission limitations, thus creating challenges as well as opportunities. Company X is looking to migrate their infrastructure (compute and storage) to the cloud. However, their geographic area does not support high bandwidth options that could be installed easily in a short period of time or without high costs. This is often the case with many companies that want to migrate their compute and storage operations to the cloud. Companies want to take advantage of the substantial IT cost savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience. The problem is how does Company X migrate terabytes or even petabytes of data and/or their applications to the cloud.

SBManager™ together with AWS has an ideal solution:

  • AWS has the first part of the solution – the AWS Snow family of devices (both Snowball Edge & Snowcone options) has up to 100 TB of storage and is migration optimized. The entire product is ruggedized, all data copied is encrypted, and when full drop it off at your local UPS to be shipped direct to AWS. When it arrives at AWS, they upload all data off the Snowball device into your designate S3 storage. With a migration using multiple Snowball devices or for use with a mix of non-IT and advanced IT professionals, the challenges in managing this new workload is burdensome and time consuming.
  • SBManager™ has the last part of the solution with our drag and drop File & Object Storage Management interface. Our software allows easy migration of data into or out of Snowball devices. This feature supports the ability to switch out Snowballs as they get full to seamlessly continue migration of terabytes or even petabytes of data. SBManager™ has built in functionality, security and surveillance techniques and a full log to ensure data integrity and a complete migration. You can attach multiple local & remote network locations or even cloud locations. SBManager™ automates not only managing the Snowball devices but ensures a seamless and successful data migration.